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Dietitian Services:
Nutrition Counselling & Body Image Coaching

Nutrition Programs

Programs include the following perks:

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions

  • A custom E-Book with your personalized nutrition and supplement recommendations

  • Access to dietitian-followed food, mood and health behaviour trackers

  • Exclusive science-based resources such as: meal planning tools, product lists, recipe banks and many more!

Enjoying a Slice
Pregnant belly



  • One 60-minute 

  • Three 30-minute sessions


Perfect for people new to nutrition who are wanting to learn the basics about balanced and healthy eating from label reading to meal planning. 

Relationship with Food Redesign


  • Two 1-hour sessions per month for 6 months 

This program is guided by principles of Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, Health at Every Size and Body Neutrality to help you redesign your relationship with food



  • One 60-minute

  • Six 30-minute follow-ups  

This program is perfect for those in the family planning stage and those who are currently pregnant. 

Heads Up

You may be covered for a Registered Dietitian!

Check your health insurance plan, you may be covered for a Registered Dietitian. You will usually find us under paramedical services. I do not offer direct billing but my receipts give your insurance company all the information that they need.

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