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Dietitian Services:
Nutrition and Body Image Counselling & Coaching

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Nutrition Programs

When you sign up for a program you get to take advantage of the following perks:

Unlimited email support in between sessions. This means that if you have a questions in between sessions, you can access your dietitian through the online software or email.

You will also get a package of exclusive science-based resources such as: meal planning tools, product lists, recipe banks and many more!



  • One 60-minute 

  • Three 30-minute sessions


Perfect for people new to nutrition who are wanting to learn the basics about balanced and healthy eating from label reading to meal planning. 


Enjoying a Slice
  • Two 1-hour sessions per month for 6 months 

This program is guided by principles of Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, Health at Every Size and Body Neutrality to help you redesign your relationship with food

Relationship with Food Redesign


Pregnant belly


  • One 60-minute

  • Six 30-minute follow-ups  

This program is perfect for those in the family planning stage all the way up to the second and third trimesters. 


Heads Up

You may be covered for a Registered Dietitian!

Under your health insurance plan, you may be covered for a Registered Dietitian. You will usually find us under paramedical services. I do not offer direct billing but my receipts give your insurance company all the information that they need.